About Me!

Hi! I'm Flykid Jess :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at organizing websites. I also love when my room is organized but sometimes  most of the time I'm too lazy to do it. Babysteps though,right? Anyways I am your "typical teenage girl" a bit different teenage girl. I LOVE fashion , sports, reading, blogging, swimming, etv. I started blogging the end of March 2012 (literally the end of March like the 30th) I am a cyber-schooled 8th grader freshman in highschool. I have a bad habit of biting my nails and spending way too much time on pinterest. REALLY, they shold have a caution on pinterest. Back to that fashion thing. I love pink, ruffles, blue, polka dots, and purple. I am LOVING chevron right now too! Ombre I like on curtains and ruffles are right in the lead with chevron!
                                                   My current long time goal:
                                        Staying organized this entire school year!
                                                                 And this is me!


If you like fun and games and a little bit (okay maybe a little more than a little) organization (I mean after all this is supposed to be an organizational blog!) than you came to the right place!

Lots of LOVE! XOXO



  1. Nice ;D! Guess who... thats right missy its Kass >:D

    1. Kassidddyy .. Checking out my blog? Cool :D


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