Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dealing with Carsickness

9 Tips for those with carsickness.

1) Whatever you do – no reading or focusing on anything ( no TV or texting.)
2) I have found that opening a window and letting the air come in helps out.
3) Do not have the heat on in the car – this makes it so much worse.
4) Layer up so when you start to get hot you can take off layers.
5) If possible- skip the back roads and stick to the main roads.
6) Keep one of these under a few of the seats.

7) Stare out as far as possible. Avoid looking right down at the road or close by. Look to the mountains.
8) When you are a road trip – take frequent stops to take a short break and stretch your legs.
9) Stay away from anything that is hot. Hot Chocolate is the worst. Also stay away from sweets.

~Jess xx

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