Monday, May 20, 2013

Focus Changing

Recently I have started a different blog. More of a personal one. This is where, I feel, I am called to blog right now. This summer may prove to provide time to write on both. As I finish up this school year though and am starting working. I need a little more time to just be me and enjoy these years as a teen. Not spending on the computer. I wish you good luck with the rest of the school year and if you don't mind christian posts well then you can hop on over to my personal blog, I will be back! Not leaving forever. I havent been following the FLYlady routines for this entire school year and it has definitely led to some more stressful days. I just need time to rest right now. Lots going on with my grandpop and health concerns in my extended family.

I have been working on blog design and tricks quite a lot as well.. Maybe a new look when I come back.
                                                      Love you all!

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