Monday, October 29, 2012

Downloading Youtube Videos

Hey FLYkids!
I realize it has been a little while - I am working on a few things. This post, however, is a tutorial to download Youtube videos as MP3 music so you can put them on your MP3 player or iPod. This is the quickest way I have found to download the youtube videos. Other ways I have found take too much time, effort, and take way too many steps. This is so simple.

1. Click here

2. Copy the youtube address

5. Paste where you see the youtube address on the website

6. Click Convert Video

7. When it finishes converting press download

8.  A little box will pop up at the bottom of your screen - press open.

9. Create a playlist in your music player ( I am using Windows Media player)

10. When the music is done opening a screen will pop op with the song -like this
When you put your cursor over this screen a little icon will popup with three squares and an arrow. Click that.
11. You will now see the playlist and the song on the right side - drag the song to the playlist.
This is so much quicker than it sounds - I swear!
Have fun!

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