Saturday, April 14, 2012

Control Journal DAY 1

 Hey Flykids!
Here is step 1 to making your Control Journal (Of course you can always use Flylady's free one but for those of you who want to do it on your own ... well here are the steps.)

Heres Step One:
Make your BBR (Before Bed Routine) and do it tonight and the next night and the next night etc..
Here is my BBR!
It Consists of :

1) 5 minute room rescue (Pick up your toys and put away for 5 min)
2) Clothes out for tomorrow
3) Pajamas on / Shower
4) Dessert/Snack
5) Brush Teeth
6) Devotions in Bed

You should have a binder to put your BBR routine in (3 hole punch it and put it in the binder)
OPTIONAL : Ask your parents for a Sheet Protector to put your routine in and then put it in your binder.

Have Fun!

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