Friday, April 27, 2012

DIN Principle

Hey Flykids!
Your probably wondering what the DIN Principle is! DIN stands for DO IT NOW. The principle part, well, doesn't have much meaning here. When can you use the DIN Principle? ALL THE TIME!

1.When you come in the door instead of dropping your schoolbag or whatever you have in your hands by the front door - just put it right where it belongs. (Doesn't have a spot? That is where de-cluttering comes in.. I will write my next post on de-cluttering!) This keeps it tidy and then your parents don't have to yell at you to put it away or ask you over and over again while you are playing video games or doing something you like to do.

2. When you get home from school do your homework now. ( I have a few secrets for that.. And if you are home-schooled, like I am , I have tricks for getting schoolwork done (I will post about it very soon! :D)

3. When your parents ask you to do something DIN. This may seem like a bother but the quicker you get it done the faster you will be able to get to play! (whether that means video games etc...)

4. When you get up in the morning do your MR right away! Same with your BBR :D

5. When you play with something or get something out - put it away right away when you are done with it.

6. When you change clothing - if that pair of clothing is dirty - put it in the hamper.

          These are just a few ideas! I am sure you can come up with many more example!
                                         Have Fun!

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