Thursday, April 19, 2012

Control Journal Day 7

           Hey Everyone!
 Now it is time to make your after school routine or when you get time routine. This is what flylady had as an example after school routine:

Afternoon School Routine
1. When you get home from school. Change your clothes. Put any gym
clothes in the hamper or even the washer to get them ready for next class or
2. Get a healthy snack, some water and sit down to do your homework.
3. Get out your timer. Set it for 15 minutes.
4. Work on your school work for these 15 minutes. Stay focused for the
whole time and you will get to take a break for 15 minutes and play a game
or listen music.
5. When the timer goes off you get to take a break. Set the timer again and
when it goes off, jump back into your homework. Keep doing this till your
homework is finished.
6. Check your calendar for any projects due that you need to work on. Do
not wait till the last minute to get started. Doing a little every day will make
it much easier on you. We call this the project mode.
7. Are there any household jobs that are your responsibility? Use your timer
to get these done too. They will not take very long to do them. Get them
done and you won’t get those looks from your parents. Put your gym clothes
in the dryer and the put them back in your back pack.
8. Put a smile on your face and give your mom a hug. Ask if there is
anything you can do to help with dinner. You will get a chance to see her
faint. It is always fun to keep our parents on their toes.
9. I am so proud of you for following your routines and helping yourself get
your homework and household chores done without having to be told.

    This is my when I get a chance routine:
Mine is basically a when you get bored list ( Except for the clean the cat

                                           Have Fun!

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