Saturday, June 9, 2012

Creativity with Crayons

Hey Flykids!
Here is another guest post from :
"Think crayons are for kids? Think again! There are all sorts of great ways to use a box of crayons in your art- here are a few ideas...

IMG_3197 copy
Go back to the days of coloring books and use them fill your drawings with color-

IMG_3198 copy
IMG_3184 copy
Use them to create a resist with watercolors.
Start by using a white crayon to draw on a blank page.

IMG_3186 copy
Paint over the top of the designs with watercolors

IMG_3190 copy
and watch your designs come to life!

While your paint is still wet, press it onto another page and make a light print- its what I call a 2 for 1 deal!

IMG_3196 copy
It makes a great background for journaling!

IMG_3210 copy
Go wild with abstraction and scribbles!

Fill the page with colorful scribbles.

Use watercolors to fill in the white space.
Tip- use paper as a background for journaling, cut it up and use in collage projects, scan and use in digital projects or doodle over the top...

IMG_3218 copy
Use crayons to create colorful rubs. Rub over surfaces with texture.

IMG_3220 copy
Use in backgrounds for mixed media projects.

IMG_3179 copy
Use crayons to explore patterns.

photo (4) copy
Layer colors on top of each other to create the look of blending.

IMG_3217 copy
Use a colorful crayon to journal over the top of watercolor backgrounds.

IMG_3226 copy
Never underestimate just how far you can go with simple art supplies!"
Have Fun!

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