Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Scratch Art

I know, I know, this isnt a craft blog but part of Summer is crafts, right? Also, having fun is an important part of flylady so I would like to give you ideas for that :)

This blog post is from :

"To create your own scratch art you'll need:

Thicker paper/tagboard/scrap matte board/scrap book paper (either one)
crayons (not washable kind)
neon crayons have fabulous results
paint brush
black tempera paint
dish liquid
scratch tool: sticks/skewer stick/ popsicle stick/old pencils

First, color fairly heavily with crayons on  a piece of white cardboard....I used scrap matte board. Color with many colors or just a few.

Then take some black tempera (or poster pant) mixed with a drop or two of dish liquid (to make it stick and scrape off better).

And paint it over your crayon  coloring. Let dry.

Then,  start scratching through to create your drawing or doodle or whatever you choose.

There you go!
I also have another craft to show you!
Have Fun!
Flykid Jess


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