Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Absence and Downy Touch of Comfort

Hey Flykids!
      I am soo  sorry I was unabel to finish doing the posts last week. My blogger was not working. Fortunately now it is! :)  I am so happy!!

      Now to talk about Downy Touch of Comfort. Click here for the webpage. Basically they send you the fabric and instuctions to make a quilt. Then you send it back and they give it to a child in the hospital. I just got an email today saying they sent mine. I havent made a quilt ever but this is a simple quilt and I found this: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2012/05/downy-touch-of-comfort-quilts-for-kids-making-a-four-patch-quilt.html  My goal is to have it done by school (I am hoping much sooner than that but I am giving myself time as I have no idea.) I really encourage you to request a kit and make one for a little kid. (THEY ARE COMPLETELY FREE!!) Request your quilt kit here.

                                                 Go check it out!

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