Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father Day Series 2012 Post #1

Hey Flykids!

This week I will be posting cards,decorations,etc.. To do for Fathers Day (Sunday June 17th).
Card #1: This was a pin on pinterest but it didnt link to anything. I will be on the search for the link and will post it here when/if I find it. (I know it sayd kroktak.com on it but that website is in some other language that I dont understand and it was just.. Confusing :) )

 Pinned Image

(I will write a simple step by step below:)
What you need: Your hands, someone to trace your hands, siccors, colored paper, and a pencil to trace.

Step 1: Fold the piece of paper in half.

Step 2: Position your hand so your thumb is on the folded line and there is a good amount of space between  your index finger and thumb (See photo above)

Step 3: Have someone trace your hand (Even though your index finger wont reach the fold. The person tracing your hand must make the finger "longer" when he or she traces it.)

Step 4: Cut Out along the line.

Step 5: Write on the card!

                                                            There you go!
                                                              Have Fun,

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