Thursday, July 12, 2012

Downy Touch of Comfort UPDATE

Hello Flykids! Here is an update on my quilt I am making:
I have been doing 15-30-1 hour-2 hour-3 hours babysteps on this quilt! I love,love,love the material!
I have the blocks assembled and sewn together in rows now I am sewing the rows together. Unfortunately im having a bit of machine trouble but here is what I have.

See? All the blocks are stitched together (with the exception of one that I put on the wrong way.. Oops!) and 2 rows are sewn together.

            The block I had to use the seem ripper on and have yet to sew back on - THE RIGHT WAY.^
Isn't the cupcake material adorable?!
 I think so :D

There you have it!
Have a great day! :D

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