Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Organizational Series Part 3

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The school year is FAST approaching and since I am going back to teaching this year, I have a classroom to get ready! I will be teaching the 18 month class and because all the kids in my class will be in diapers and what not, their cubbies become very full, very fast. Clothes, wipes, diapers, lunch boxes, art.... the list goes on. So when there is an important note or handout- it gets lost in the mix or crumpled up. I saw some cute storage boxes on pinterest with pictures of each kid on the front and I liked that idea, but I wanted them to be a little fancier.
Here is what I came up with!

I think they are cute and especially and when you see what they started as:

Yup, cereal boxes!

I think they would work great on a desk or in an office too and add a little pop of color.

Click "Read More" for the tutorial!!


Cereal boxes

Scissors and pen

Mod Podge and brush

Fabric, paper or napkins to cover boxes (you could paint too, I just the the immediate gratification of Mod Podge)

First things first, I cut off the top tabs.

Then I made a mark on the first side. You could use a ruler but I grabbed the first strait edge I found which was a piece of art. I am sure that is not surprising.

Then I drew the line on the side, continuing the first line so everything is the same.

Then I used that line as a reference to make the last one and just matched up the other end with the corner and drew my line.

Then I used scissors to cut along the line.

I had some cute napkins I had bought, honestly I think for fourth of July, and thought they would be cute and grab the attention of the parents at the same time.

You know the drill, put some Mod Podge on the box,

And then I pressed the napkin on, centering it as much as possible.

Then I did each side.

When I cut it, I left a little extra so I could fold it over and Mod Podge it down so it was a clean edge.

Add another piece to the other side and you are done!

Now there aren't only two students in my class but I only had two boxes on hand (ugh, totally tossed some into recycling a few days ago and today I was kicking myself- if I only SAVED them LOL) so as I gather boxes, I can make more, easy peasy.



                                       What will you use this DIY Organizational box to organize?

                                                                        Have fun!

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