Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Updated Control Journal - ME - and a Teaser

Whats up Flykids?
Its been busy here- we had VBS all last week and this week and since sunday my aunt and uncle have been at our house. They left today. But! On Monday I had the chance to declutter my : desk drawers , one extra drawer, and under the bed. I found lotsss of stuff to put in my CJ ! :)Here is an updated tour of my Control Journal.
My Control journal is filled to the brim! I can barely zip it!

Front Pocket

                                            Pocket on the inside of that pocket.
Holds my highlighters, pen, and sharpie I use in my Planner
Room for pens and pencils business card and wallet photo 

Another pocket! and my fingers... haha

When I first open it up. My name was written to the left by my friend and cousin :) She has awesome handwriting!

Yet ANOTHER Pocket!

Folders Left to Right: Planner, Dream Book, Lists and anything else, Cookbook.
Then Some Stickers.

Inside the one pocket : Sticky notes that I cut to use as tags and such.

Next pocket has my electronics. My MP3 I LOVE because Music gets me moving.

Next is the NO WHINING sign which I have doodled all over.

Then comes the flylady logo and page that says "My Control Journal" 

Body Clutter Investigator I dont use it to track weight loss but rather my sleep schedule and how much water and food I am eating aka wether I am eating healthfully. (5 or so copies of this page in my CJ)

Before Bed Routine

Morning Routine

When I get a chance routine

Daily Reminders and once again my fingers.

Weekly Room Blessing

Bedroom Detailed Cleaning

A Menu Mailer from saving dinner

Graph paper to doodle or write notes on (or solve algebra problems!)

Photos I have taken and photos of my nephews

Some testimonials to Flylady

Crisis Cleaning 101


Chore Sheet.. This is before my routines.. Not sure why the photo is down here.. oops!
( I have 5 copies or so of this in there)

P90X Workout sheets

And this is me... Upside down so my eyes look huge but its still me I figured its time you all see what I look like :)
AND a little thing I made (This was my first one and I was hurrying because I was excited so it isn't P*****T but you get the jist of it. (I will do a tutorial on this fabric scrapbook on the wall soon!)

                                                   Photos are blurred for privacy reasons.

                   FAR from the dreaded P word but so simple and very personalized and decorative.

                                   Tutorial will come soon! I promise!

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