Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make it Fun - It will get DONE

Hey Flykids!

In one of the testimonials a flybaby sent to flylady she mentioned games she plays with her children to clean up. I thought you might enjoy them so here they are:

Pirate Treasure: This works especially well with Lego blocks. I tell them that we are pirates gathering our treasure, ready to be buried, and we "sail" around the playroom finding All of the "gold" to put in the "treasure chest". When it has all been found we "bury" it in the shelf where the toys are stored.

What Doesn't Belong: They love problem solving games and have always enjoyed that segment on sesame street and now in their mathematics. I get them to look around the room while I say in a sing-song voice "what doesn't belong?" they race to find something and put it where they know it does belong.

                                                        There ya go!
                                         Its true! Make it fun it WILL get done!

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