Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Long Does it Really Take Series: Making your bed

Hey Flykids!
 am starting a series of videos with the title “How long does it really take?” Often times when we think of certain chores, for example folding a load of wash, we really overestimate the time it takes to do that blessing. In this video series I will complete simple tasks and time myself. The first blessing is making the bed. It took me 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I have a bunkbed and I am on the top – I know how hard it is to make the top bunk. I thought it was hard anyway, until I practiced. Im not talking you practice making your bed for 20 minutes a day. Im just saying that I made a habit of making my bed every day. Also my sheets fall off every.single.night, so every morning I have to put the fitted sheet back on the bed. Even with doing this it only took my 2 minutes and 15 seconds (I figured I probably talked for about 45 seconds and the rest was making the bed… this is an estimate as I talked some in the video and didn’t just start making the bed.)

Dont mind my wet hair! I had just taken a shower..


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