Monday, September 3, 2012


Hello Flykids!
This is the first post for Pinner Crafty Weekly. Fastes Friendship bracelet was really simple to make - once I got a hang of the fishtail braid.

                                                     Tutorial Here

Here is how mine turned out:
I used two different pinks and a light/lime green

What I ended up cutting off the rest of the bracelet There was about 8 inches of extra "emroidering floss". (I have tiny wrists though - small bones run in the family)

I didnt have a bead so I just knotted it multiple times in the same spot then put it through the hole.

I love how this worked out because:
1. It was quick
2. It was simple
and 3. It is removeable without cutting it off your wrist!
I used to always make them and just tie it to my wrist- then I would either have to spend 20 minutes trying to squeeze it off or end up cutting it. All that work down the drain.
So now with the little knot and the built in hole I can save it forever(or as long as it fits)

                                                                      Happy Crafting!
                                                                        Crafty Pinner

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