Friday, September 28, 2012

How to: Plan Workouts Using Pinterest

I am still growing so I am not looking to loose weight by doing this I just want to tone my muscles and keep healthy. To tone muscles and keep healthy it requires some work. Whenever I workout I feel like my workouts get really boring *Light bulb moment* PINTEREST! Hey why not? This is what I do. I have a pinterest board for each week (monday-friday) that I use to pin my workouts to. I will search monday workout, tuesday workout, wednesday workout, etc. Each of my workouts for next week contains 20 minutes of cardio but does not sepcify - so I also searched a cardio workout. Any excercises that I am unsure of how to do properly or do not know how to do (or want some variations) I look up and pin them to the board. This is my board for next weeks workouts:
      I try to make my workouts interesting so some weeks I may have fun things like jumping on the trampoline and making up a routine or something like that. Although other options could be riding my bike back on our road or taking a walk and taking pictures. This way I get to take some GREAT pictures and get in a workout at the same time.

        Also like they say "Exercise in the mornign before your brain figures out what you are doing"
                                                            (Yes I do this haha!)
                                                                 Any questions?
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