Monday, May 21, 2012

Camp GonnaWannaFly

Hey everyone!
Your probably thinking "What in the world is camp gonnawannafly?"
It is an at home camp you do with your family and you do alot of fun activities and of you come up with a name and do all sorts of crafts also. Sound like fun? It is a ton of fun!! My sister and I will be having lots of these camps this summer. One will be all about water (swimming, water balloons, etc..)  We made a bunch of files.(Schedule, Songs, Devotions, Theme Verse, and Activites) I printed the schedule on three blank index cards. Also because we are christians I printed out devotionals from a website. The name of our camp is DONT FORGET WHO YOU ARE Camp! :) (DFWYA for short) Our camp is all about summer and getting into not doing school. In other words we are forgetting about schoolwork and having fun being ourselves!

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Morning Schedule

7:30 am  Wake Up

7:30 am Get Dressed and Do hair

8:00 am  Cafeteria

8:30 am Devotions

9:15 am Brush Teeth

9:20 am Pick Activities

9:30 am First activity of the Day

10:00 am Snack Bar Open (Healthy but delicious snacks ;) !)

10:30 am Swimming

11:30 am Quarter Condition

Afternoon Schedule

12:00 pm Cafeteria Open

12:30 pm Me Time

1:oo pm 2nd activity of day

2:00 pm Popsicles!

2:30 pm Break

3:00 pm Snack bar open

3:30 pm 3rd Activity of the Day

Evening Schedule

4:30 pm Break

5:00 pm Walk to Nesters or Bike

5:30 pm Pool Open

6:00 pm Cafeteria Open

7-8pm Whatever, Whenever

8:30 pm Campfire

8:30 pm Devotions and Praise

9:30 pm Lights OUT!
                                 I have Morning Devotional printed out with a staple holding the pages together.
                                 I have the campfire songs also printed out with a staple holding the pages together.
                                 Then I have our theme bible verse also printed on an index card.
                                 Also I have our list of activities printed on a piece of paper.
                                  LAST, I have the schedule above printed on index cards.
                                  We each have our own copies of each of the above items .
                                   All of this is in one, 1 inch binder.
                                                      What are your ideas for Camp GonnaWannaFly?
                                                   Let me know your ideas in the comment section below!
                                                                                            Have Fun!
                                                                                                       Flykid Jess

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