Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keeping Accountable

Hey Flykids!
  I need some way to be accountable so I figured if I posted here what I do and dont get done then I could keep myself accountable. I will write down what I do throughout the day - things I need to work on- where I got sidetracked and then tomorrow I will post my results for today! I hope doing this will keep me accountable and make me do my routines. ( Yes, I will do my routines for a little while and then I get out of the habit (maybe it never was a habit?) Anyways! it is something I feel helps me and I need to do it. )

                                                                Flykid Jess
(Would you like to be held accountable? You can share in the comments your ta-das - things you need to work on - etc...) Cant wait to hear from you!

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