Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GET ER DONE Homeschool method

Hey Homeschooled flykids!
Here are a couple of tricks for getting schoolwork done while still having breaks!

1. Do 1 subject and then take a 15ish minute break (depending on how long the subject took you)

2. Set the timer for your subject and if you finish before the timer goes off you can use that time to play. When the timer goes off get back to work!

3. Try to stay away from the computer ( I personally do cyber school and have a hard time staying off of facebook and pinterest and pretty much every other website or blog about crafts or organization or flylady TBH I am still very much trying to work on this because for me it is the nearing the end of the year and I am plain ol' tired of school work! Okay - enough rambling...)

4. Do you like checklists? I DO!! I LOVEEE checklists!! Here are some cool checklists you could use:
Doesnt really have to do with school but I thought you would like it (A checklist...) :

5. For a checklist good old notebook paper works well :)

6. Or maybe you have a planner? Here is a video on how to use your planner well (This is not my video and I cannot take credit for any of it.)

                                                  Have Fun!!
 Here I am giving you tips to get done school when I am blogging during school time...
                                                Must work on focusing..
                                                           Flykid Jess

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