Tuesday, May 29, 2012


School is coming to the end and what does that mean? That means Summer is on its way! That also means we have more time (Well not always...) to......................................... drum roll please................. ORGANIZE and make good HABITS! Yeah, Yeah... I here you right now why would I want to do that and especially why in the summer when I am supposed to be relaxing. Well organizing now is going to help your life be calmer later. Meaning you get more time to play and relax. I will be trying to come up with some files you can print to help you out. In the mean time why dont you check our http://sewmanyways.blogspot.com/ - She has tons of DIY (Do it Yourself) Organization ideas!  (Dont worry - the files I make wont be completely organization there will be lists of fun activities also :D) Oh and I will keep you up to date on our Camp Dont Forget Who You Are! (AKA Relaxing and having fun)

                                                    Have a great day!
To Come:
Schools out!

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