Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How To: Print on Index Cards

Hey Flykids!
Here is a tutorial on how to print on index cards :D
This is my Printer NOTICE: The tab to the right...

Now it is slid down
That makes the paper guiders go in like this:

Open Miscrosoft Word (I have the 2007 version)

Go to page layout. Then click on size.

 Click More Paper Sizes
Click the drop down arrow and scroll down until it says Costom Size.

The standard index card is 3 by 5
Enter the size of your index card in the width and height sections.
Press okay down at the bottom

That will change the document to make it look like this
Write what you like now

 Put an index card into your printer

Anddd Print!

 Voila! :D

Just imagine the possibilities!!
 They are endless!

Have fun!

Email me @ with what you printed on index cards or comment on this post!
 I cant wait to hear from you!!


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