Monday, May 14, 2012


Hey Flykids! I have a challenge for you and I dont think your gonna like it BUT we can do anything for 15 minutes, right?!

SO here it is : Clean under your bed for 15 minutes! Not sure how to organize underneath your bed - Flykid to the rescue! :)

Do you have some bags you could put stuff in?
Organize your stuff into bags according to items for example : cars and trucks, crafts, etc...

Do you have some cardboard boxes? 
Organize the stuff into cardboard boxes according to items (like above) Boxes are great for stuffed animals! You can also use a sharpie or marker to label each box!

Do you have plastic containers?
You can do the same thing with these as above (although dont use sharpie on it, as you may decide to use it for something else..)

But remember - dont keep things you dont LOVE - Bless someone else with the stuff you dont love!
                     Do 15 minutes and then STOP!
                             Flykid Jess

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