Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY Simple Bracelet

This is the tutorial. :D They are soooo super simple and I love mine!

Here is the tutorial from Sweet Verbena blog:
This project is inspired by one of my first pins. Credit goes to that first pinner out there who saw it and realized they could make it themselves.

Do you use Pinterest? It's funny how a site filled with such creativity can make me feel so un-creative. Like everything has been done before and no matter how great I think my idea is, chances are, someone has already done it. But maybe that's okay. I suppose creativity isn't defined by originality. And at the same time it makes me happy that such a creative network is growing on the web. That as a viewer, you can search just about anything + "tutorial"and find a step-by-step guide. What a long way we've come since our grandmother's generation of seamstresses.

Anyway, you can find me here on Pinterest if you'd like to see my other pins.


Embroidery Floss

Beads (optional)

Hollow Charms like these:


Cut 2 18" lengths of thread. Pinch the middle of one thread and pull it through the charm.

Then take the ends of the string and pull it through the loop.

Pull tight and repeat.

Cut and tie off ends with a bead.

Make a bunch more!

I almost threw my largest gold hoop away, before twisting it into this neat infinity shape. This one may actually be my fave now!

Wouldn't these be great bracelets to make and sell for a cause? Especially with that "believe" circle charm that I used. My supplies (from Hobby Lobby) were relatively inexpensive. Maybe you could even find some wholesale charms somewhere on the web?


~ From Sweet Verbena
Right now my blogger isnt working well so I cant upload my photos but when it starts working I will ost the pictures of the bracelet I made!
 Have fun!

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