Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabric Scrapbook wall art

Hey FLykids!
Lots ofs fun in ths post! This sounds lame but I am excited for this post because it is completely my idea! With 2 tricks from pinterest  (The fact that fabric can iron right onto walls and you can use nail polish to paint scotch tape. Otherwise this idea is completely mine! :D

Fabric (Denim or Cotton*)
Hot Glue Gun
Buttons and other embellishments
Nail Polish
Scotch Tape
Hot Iron
Scissors or Rotary cutter and mat

Step 1: Cut your fabric so that your picture(s) will fit with ease.

Step 2: I ron the fabric to the wall. This must be done now before you put anything on the fabric.

Step 3: paint your scotch tape with the nailpolish color of your choice. Allow to dry.

Step 4: Cut scotch tape in approx. 1 1/2" inch strips.
I ended up cutting them a little shorter than this.

Step 5: Tape the pictures in the desired spots on the fabric. See photo below.
                                     FIRST put tape in all four corners - than put it on the fabric.

Step 6: Hot glue any embleishments to the fabric (Other fabric, buttons, etc.)

The fabric stuck to the wall and then decided to not stick anymore so I had to tape it to the wall. It was strange because it would stick and then fall off.

                                        I cut out a J and ironed it to the wall just for decoration.

* I have not tried ironing silk or jersey knit to the wall but I dont think it will stay let me know if you try either one and how it works or doesnt work. i have used cotton and a stretchyish  semi-stretchy denim.

         There you have it! A project and tutorial all my own !
Let me know how it goes. I would love to hear how you did this, was it simple or hard, were my directions good, what did you use to embelish? Feel free to comment and if you would like share a picture od the fabric scrapbook wall art you made. You can send your pictures to
                                                Have Fun!
                                              LOTS of Love XOXO

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