Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer is coming to an End

Hey Flykids!
Im here enjoying my last couple days without school.
I went clothing shopping - ordered some supplies from office max and have spent the week getting ready for school to start. Every morning I have gotten up at 7:30 and gotten dressed, made my bed, etc. I think this will be really helpful as I will already kind of be in the routine of getting up early (I know its only 7:30 but to me that is early - sad I know.)

This is my routine right now:

Make Bed

Get Dressed

Do Hair

Deodorize, spray, and Make up

Brush Teeth



School starts @ 8:30
It is simple but it gets me ready for the day and keeps me from getting distracted.
Things I am nervous about:
Did I mention I am nervous about highschool?
Thats about it. I am nervous for Geometry because 1. I got an A in Algebra last year but just barely and I struggled alot. Then I am nervous for Spanish because I havent used more than 5 words in spanish this summer - I forget tons of what I learned :& Yup so thats why I am nervous about that. Oh and nervous for highschoool because well why shouldnt I be? I mean with electives I am in classes with grades 9-12th which means ages anywhere from 13-20 (Im the only 13 year old but whatever..) That is a reallly wide age group and because I am the youngest in my classes it makes it even stranger. Ill be fine though just needed to write down my thoughts. Thanks for listening/reading - I appreciate it !

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