Friday, August 10, 2012

Microsoft OneNote and Planners

Hey Flykids!

I have yet to figure out exactly how this program is going to work for me since I havent started school yet. Also a note that I have not been payed or asked to write this blogpost this is just a program I have found on my computer and it seems it may be of great use to me. I am going to try using the program first (because I am so excited about using this program!) and then depending on how that works I will try the pen and paper method. I have tried the Pen and Paper and it works good but I want it to work great!
First of all for those of you who dont know what  onenote is , it is like a virtual binder. This is what it looks like:

      Photo Credit : Microsoft Onenote 2010
In onenote you have binders. In those binders you have tabs. In those tabs you have pages. You can draw, type, insert photos, links, grids, checklists, highlight, insert videos, and insert a file. For example if you have a PPT for a class and notes , you link the ppt to the page and type your notes on that page. If there it is a lecture or a review and you choose to record the class you can record it and then link it there.

This video is very helpful! ^

                               Like I said more photos when school starts.

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