Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spread the Blogger Love

Hey Flykids!
Kelly a 14 year old from Oregon started a blog and I would appreciate if you could go over there and comment and welcome her to the blogging world :) I don't know her personally but you guys welcomed me to the blogger world and followed my blog. She is probably dieing for comments and followers! (I checked my blog every 20 minutes when I first got it to see if anyone had come and looked at it or followed me or commented.) I would appreciate it and I'm sure she would too. Here is her blog address:

Also if you have some time this is a great website also - TONS of crafts :

And with the school season this is a great website to check out :

Oh and one more. Its like pinterest but the only thing on there is kids crafts

                  Thank you guys! I appreciate it.

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