Saturday, August 4, 2012

Special Edition: Back To School 2012

Hey Flykids! Here is a round up of some tips and tricks for back to school time!

2 weeks before school starts:

  • Start going to bed 5 minutes earlier every night until you reach your school bedtime.
  • Start getting up and dressed 5 minutes earlier every morning

Tips and Tricks from the Flychat:

  • Go Back to School Shopping in August (or the month before school starts rather than the week before)
  • Prep before hand 2 weeks worth of outfits down to your accessories.
  • Make a special spot for school items and make sure they get there. This way you wont have to search for everything.
  • Get into a routine of going to bed on time, setting your alarm, and waking up and getting dressed. When you do this it will become a habit and when school starts you will be all ready and wont be tired. 
  • Use a planner or agenda! (Once school starts I will do a show and tell of my planner! ( I am using a plain old notebook!) 
  • If possible try to have your own drawer for your school supplies.
  • Buy a few extras of essential items such as notebooks, notebook paper, pencils,  folders, and erasers. 
  • If you have girls (or are a girl) make sure to have lots of hairbrushes around and put 1 on your launchpad so you wont have to search!

Other Tips and Tricks : 

Multiplication songs and tricks:

Parent Communication Tips: 

Back to school shopping saving tips:

Healthy back to school tips:

                      Thank you flylady chatters for your tips and tricks!
  f you have any tips or tricks for back to school I would love to hear about them:
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